Cost Analysis Tool in ClientPoint Software

Custom Price, Quote and Spec Tools

A custom pricing tool for your company will decrease errors, increase speed, and ensure that your pricing goes out in a consistent manner every time.

Decrease Errors

Spreadsheets or free-form documents can be prone to errors.  A formula was changed here, a calculation made incorrectly there can lead to a deal falling through.

ClientPoint offers custom pricing tools specific to your company that will decrease errors.

Improve Consistency

Each rep has different personal preferences.  This sometimes results in each rep sending out quotes, proposals, and pricing sheets that do not look anything like the other reps.

The data from a custom pricing tool is fed directly into a template making it easy for your reps to represent your brand and create excellent looking quotes using the most up-to-date pricing information every time.

Increase Speed

Simply fill in the required fields and hit calculate.  All the formulas are computed on the back end and the pricing sheet or quote is generated and added into your proposal.

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