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ClientPoint Makes Creating Impressive Business Proposals Fast and Easy

ClientPoint Software was developed to make the process of creating professional business proposals fast and easy. We understand that sales people want to spend their time selling and generating income—not sitting in front of a computer for hours to create a single proposal. With ClientPoint your sales team can now create impressive digital business proposals, quotes, and presentations in a few minutes instead of hours.

Create an Impressive Business Proposal in Under 10 Minutes

Many of our clients have told us that with ClientPoint they can easily create an impressive digital business proposal in under 10 minutes. These same clients told us that before they used ClientPoint, it would take them anywhere from 2-8 hours to create a single proposal. This tremendous time savings helps their sales team be much more productive and financially successful because now they can focus their time on selling and winning new accounts instead of sitting in front of a computer.

Easy Personalization

For a business proposal to grab the attention of a prospective client, it needs to be personalized and customized for that client’s specific needs. If your company creates hundreds or even thousands of business proposals, personalizing and customizing proposals for each prospective client is very time consuming. ClientPoint has solved this problem with our easy to use personalization and customization tools and seamless CRM integration with, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Caterease.

Build Brand Consistency into Your Proposals

Your brand is important. Therefore, every proposal that your team sends to prospective clients needs to reflect and reinforce your brand. With ClientPoint’s business proposal templates, library of documents, and pricing tools, every bit of information your team needs will be readily available and pre-approved by your management team to use in your business proposals to give your proposals a consistent brand look and feel.

Use Speed as a Competitive Advantage

In today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace, speed is everything. Speed has become a leading competitive advantage. Your prospective clients want to receive your proposals as quickly as possible, and they will often buy from the first company that submits a quality proposal to them. Because of this, the last thing you want is for your team to spend countless hours, days, or even weeks creating a business proposal when your prospective client is ready to buy now.

ClientPoint has automation tools that streamline every aspect of the business proposal creation and management process, allowing your team to create business proposals up to 99% faster than it would take to manually create a proposal. This huge time savings and increase in productivity provides your company with a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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