A tool is worthless unless you know how to use it.  At ClientPoint we will assign you a personal proposal coach and hold your hand every step of the way until your entire staff from reps to executives understand proposal generation.

I would like to share with you our Quickstart process that we will run through when you decide to move forward with ClientPoint.

Proposal Document Review

Review of your current proposal document and proposal creation process with your personal proposal coach. 

Proposal Management Review

Review of how you currently manage your proposal life-cycle from creation to close.  During this process we will personalize the management screen and tailor how to track your proposals.

Bring Your Proposal Online

After we receive your current proposal / marketing assets we will begin splitting and conversion of existing proposal to bring it online and make it viewable on the computer, Android, and iOS devices.


Speed Up Document Creation and Increase Personalization

Identification of where your proposal is customized to create merge field documents or online editable documents to speed proposal creation and personalize your proposals easily to the prospect.

Speed Up and Standardize Proposal Templates

Identification of different proposal types to create template proposals so that your reps can easily duplicate an entire proposal with all of its assets and easily customize it.  This will speed up proposal creation and ensure that your proposals are consistent.

Sales Team Training

Personalized training of your sales staff with your Proposal Coach to ensure that everyone is empowered to hit the ground running and use the system to its fullest capability.

Executive Team Training

Personalized training of your executive staff on how to use the management center and the analytics effectively.  This will ensure the executives are enabled to get all the great data from their proposal pipeline and manage it effectively.