Real-time sales reporting

Sales departments can be managed better if you have greater insight into what is happening after the sales rep sends a proposal.

The dashboard has been re-imagined to get you the information and proposals you want quickly. Each chart has improved filtering capabilities by rep, division, region, market, service, value and count. We have introduced trend, pipeline, status and activity reports, as well as recently accessed, viewed, and created dashboards to get you into the proposal you want faster.

Proposal Life-cycle Tracking

With a proposal system you can gain valuable insight after the proposal is sent. At a glance on the manage screen you can see exactly which proposal have been sent, viewed, or approved. If you are using PDF files for your proposals right now you lose all insight as soon as your rep hits send.

Reps and managers have been able to strategize at a higher level knowing which prospects to follow up with who have not viewed a proposal and hot prospects where the proposal has circulated the company.

Real Time Sales Reports

Most sales reports are based on the data that the reps enter. Sales reporting can be much more valuable if they are based on prospect actions. ClientPoint updates sales reports based on prospect actions, so when a prospect is sent a proposal, views a proposal or approves a proposal the pipeline report is updated.

Real-time sales reporting
Real-time sales reporting