Personalized documents make a stronger impact and show that you are interested in the customer relationship.  It should be easy to personalize proposals and marketing materials.

ClientPoint offers a variety of template types to help differentiate your proposal.

Merge Documents

We take your existing word documents and identify with you the places in the documents that change.  When a rep clicks to add a merge document into a proposal the rep is prompted to enter values such as names, addresses, phone numbers, site name just to name a couple of common examples.  These values are then populated throughout your documents to personalize them to a prospect.

Templated Proposals

You may have a couple of standard types of proposals.  We will work with you to create fully built proposals that your reps simply will duplicate and then customize.  They will fill out a couple of forms, add a couple of documents, take a couple out and in minutes have custom proposal ready to send.



Google Docs

Some documents are simply too custom or large bodies of text change from proposal to proposal.  To address this we have integrated with Google Docs.  This allows you to simply add the document to your proposal then edit it with Google’s simple, but effective online word processor.

This is great for:

  • Specifications
  • Pricing
  • Personal cover letters
  • Blank letterhead to make any custom document you like
  • Schedules
  • and more

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